Aloha, my name is Theresa. The dolphins first made physical contact with me in 1981. Their entrance into my life was completely unexpected, but very joyful. To my surprise, the dolphins spoke to me telepathically and I was able to understand them. After that first experience, it became clear to me that dolphins are very special beings and I really wanted to understand how they were able to communicate to me so easily and so powerfully. The dolphins visited me a couple of more times over the next thirteen years and each time they appeared they lifted my entire being and changed my life.
In 1994 my mother passed away and I was having a very difficult time handling her loss. I didn’t know how to overcome my grief and I began to pray intensely for help.
The dolphins answered my call for help and everything changed. The dolphins healed me. They healed me of the grief of my mom’s passing and they healed me in many other ways as well. I began to spend a great deal of time in the water with them and my life transformed.
Being with the dolphins brought me more joy than I ever could have imagined. They worked with me, raising my vibration until I was able to transition dimensionally with them. They taught me many things and gave me more love than I have ever known. I am, and always will be, forever grateful to them.
The dolphins asked me to create this web site to open up an avenue for them to communicate with humans. They said their consciousness will interact with anyone who visits Dolphin Dimension.
Over the years I have witnessed the impact dolphins have on people. They love humans and humans love them. Dolphins are highly evolved beings and they transmit deep peace and harmony to humans. I believe connecting into the dolphin consciousness transforms people and activates them to achieve the life of their dreams.
The dolphins taught me early on that it is possible to connect to their consciousness at anytime. I learned that I didn’t have to be in the water with them to experience their energy, guidance and healing. I found that by focusing on the dolphins and asking them to come to me, I was able to join their vibrational field. The dolphins made it clear to me that they want humans to connect to their consciousness, so over the years, I’ve always looked for ways to facilitate the dolphin=human connection.
I wrote the book, Dolphin Dimension, because the dolphins told me if I wrote about my experiences with them, the book would carry their vibration and people who read it or followed the meditations would be able to connect to their energy.
I also found that it is possible to connect dolphins and humans through crystals. At one point during my healing work with crystals, the dolphins let me know that they wanted to be involved in the healings and I began bringing crystals out into the water with me. The dolphins charged the crystals with their healing energy and I was able to use these dolphin crystals in my clients’ healings with amazing results.
Basically I just listen to the dolphins and when they ask me to do something I do it. The free podcast on the Videos & Podcasts page is a meditation from the Dolphin Dimension book and we hope you enjoy it!
Aloha and magical dolphin blessings to you!