Dolphin Channeling
In the ocean with the Dolphins, December 3, 2013.
About Expectations!!!
Expectations!!! You all have many expectations you have imposed on yourselves and expectations you feel others have imposed on you…..whether others actually have or not.
Expect this…
Expect yourself to love (love yourself, Mother Earth and each other) and expect yourself to be happy.
Anytime you feel you should do something and you get that pressured feeling, remember your REAL expectations and tell yourself: “I expect to love and I expect to be happy.” That is all you have to do.
Try this…
For one week, every time you start thinking about and worrying about ANYTHING, stop the thoughts and worries IMMEDIATELY and tell yourself this: “I expect to love and I expect to be happy.” Do this simple thing for one week and see what happens. ; )
Have more fun and don’t work sooooo hard!
Let go of stuff!
Whatever came into your mind when you read the words: “Let go of stuff!” that is the stuff you need to let go of.
Follow the way that opens up for you. The open way is the way of the Divine, it is the Divine at work. Just follow the open and easy way that appears before you and don’t worry about trying to force what is not open into being.
And remember…
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!