Dolphin Crystals

At one point during my healing work with crystals, the dolphins began appearing to some of my clients during their healings. Sometimes the dolphins even appeared to clients who didn’t know I had any connection to the dolphins! I took these dolphin “appearances” as a sign that the dolphins wanted to be more involved in the healings and I began bringing quartz crystals out into the ocean with me. I wanted to see if the dolphins would charge up the crystals with their healing energy so I could use the crystals in my healings.
The results were amazing, usually the dolphins came right up to the crystals and it was obvious they were working with them. Sometimes the dolphins even changed the appearance of the crystals, usually by clearing out the cloudiness and making the crystals clear or by adding rainbows.
When I used the dolphins crystal(s) in healings, one of two things would usually happen, either there would be an abrupt change in the healing the moment I placed the dolphin crystal on my client’s body and the healing would move into a new direction, like the dolphins were actually directing the healing, or the dolphins would appear to my clients and my clients would swim with them or interact with the dolphins in some way. My clients really loved it when the dolphins showed up and they experienced very deep healing when the dolphins came to them.
When I can, I offer dolphin charged crystals for sale. If this feels like something you might be interested in, check out the products page from time to time. The existence of these crystals is totally dependent on the dolphins, so I don’t always have them, but when the time is right and the dolphins want me to bring them crystals, they always let me know.
Aloha nui loa,