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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to swim with a pod of wild dolphins? Dive into Dolphin Dimension and find out. Dolphin Dimension chronicles author Therese’s adventures with the wild dolphins of Hawaii. Come and experience the boundless joy and transformational energy of these unconditionally loving beings. Discover how dolphins heal, how they change the human vibration, and how they help us to gain great clarity and insight about our true selves and our souls’ purpose on Earth. Learn to build dolphin inspired grids to manifest your heart’s desires and immerse yourself in dolphin meditations designed to heal and connect you with the energies of the dolphins. Find out how dolphins work through crystals to create ground-breaking healing techniques. Dolphin Dimension will take you not only on a journey with the wild dolphins, but also on a journey of the spirit.
*We will add more Dolphin Crystals as soon as they become available.*